Q: I have dental emergency. What should I expect from an emergency appointment at Urban Smiles?

A: Before reading any further: If you think you have a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

During your emergency visit, our first goal is to determine the cause of your tooth ache. While in many cases the problem is evident, the source is often not what you believe it to be. A problem-focused examination usually involves taking an x-ray, and inspecting the problem area with various tests. Once a diagnosis is made, we will present you with all treatment options including the outcome of doing nothing.

Dr. Mironov with a patient

A problem-focused examination starts every emergency dental visit

To help you make an informed decision as to how to proceed, the costs of all treatment options and your insurance coverage of each will be detailed.

Most often, we provide treatment for your dental emergency the same day. If all you need is to repair a chipped tooth, re-cement a crown, relieve a tooth abscess, or have a simple tooth extraction, you will most likely walk out of our office with your problem solved.

If your treatment requires another appointment, Dr. Mironov will manage your pain with antibiotics and pain medication if necessary.

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